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The idea of an e-shop selling photos came in 2000 and was carried out in 2001 (under the name Happy smile). First photos which were offered, were presenting the bicycle marathon Král Šumavy 2001. Presently there are several photographers working on each event so complete coverage is ensured and plentiful high-quality photo set is being offered.

Originally we focused on sport events like bicycle and ski marathons, presently we are able to cover other types of events (cultural or society). Our service offer is described on the Services page.

We usually make several thousands photos on each event, we sort and describe them carefully. Users then can easily search the photos and order them in various formats (as data files or processed in a photolab). Our e-shop operation is described in our help.

There are 3666425 photos from 706 events currently presented in our e-shop.

Jindřich Krammer Martin Buk Zdeněk Kříž

More photos from concerts we have visited, can be found in our Picasa Web Album.

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