Photos and search

Photo search in our e-shop database is carried out according to individual events. You choose the event on the page Photos by clicking event name. Search instructions are specified there, the most frequent and best option is searching your photos according to a competitor number (if there is a race event). After you enter a keyword, search result and possibility to add photos to a shopping cart is displayed.

We offer either paper photos (printed in professional photolab) or full-quality data files suitable for further processing by customer.

  • We offer data files solely in JPEG format in resolution minimally 8 Mpx (in most cases it is full resolution of a camera, usually 23 Mpx). We send the files automatically after receiving a processing the payment off to our depository, the customer will get an e-mail with download link.
  • Paper photos are processed by usual chemical way in various format up to 60x90 cm. Bigger formats are printed on an ink plotter on photopaper.
  • Commemorative certificate is a paper photo with contestant data and performance written. We offer these on some events only.

Shopping cart

The shopping cart serves for gathering photos for later order. You can place photos you have searched into it (even from different events, of course) using the form next to each photo. When putting a photo in a cart you choose number of pieces and photo format. After you set requested parameters, you add the photo in the shopping cart by clicking Add To Cart button.

There is a complete summary of your order in the section Shopping cart, there is also the possibility of additional item parameters change. Current shopping cart status (number of items and total price) is also displayed on each page of our website in the right column. You can work in our e-shop as long time as you want, but the shopping cart is automatically emptied after 24 minutes of inactivity on the web.


If you're happy with your choice, you can proceed to order completion. Press the Make an Order button on the page Shopping cart. On the following page enter billing and contact information according to given instructions and choose way of delivery and payment method. You complete the order by clicking Submit the Order. Order confirmation and payment information will be automatically sent by e-mail at the address you have entered.

Payment methods

  • Advance payment on bank account
    Payment information will be shown after confirming the order, and sent by e-mail alongwith the order confirmation as well. To easily retrieve your payment details, you can use the enclosed QR code. You can pay to our account in Czech Republic, Slovakia or as an international payment (in OUR mode!) from any other country in the world. Please pay attention on entering correct variable symbol (reference)! We will start processing your order after we receive the payment on our bank account.

  • On-line card payment
    When paying on-line by card the payment is deposited on our account right after the transaction is successfully finished. So we will start processing your order without delay. On-line payment is safe and simple. After starting a transaction you will be redirected to payment gateway, there you enter your payment card information and after verification the payment gate will tell us outcome of the transaction. We use GP webpay payment gate, we accept VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MasterCard and Maestro cards.

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Special orders

Special orders (for example printing A4 page with previews, individual photo measures and formats) are carried out individually. If you had any special wish, please contact us.