The Big of Kunratice 2008

There are photos from the 75.year of Big of Kunratice here. This year was very nice weather, it was really to do sports:o) You could buy a commemorative sheet with your finish photo after this race. But there weren´t many interested persons…that´s why I will give you a chance to order it on the internet later. Because we were there three times before, we have also photos from older years 2007, 2006 a 2005.


Searching transaction according to numbers competitor and then according to these keywords (there are many photos under keyword „nothing“: cil – finish, filmari – filmem, slecna – miss, divak – onlooker, příroda – nature, poradatele - officials, deti - children, nic - nothing (competitors with illegible number or without number). For order a commemorative sheet: write the word „diplom“ to the note, also you can write the number of the photo which you want to choose. Commemorative sheet has a size: 15x21 cm and is for 8,-€.

Fill the keyword (usually competitor number) in following form field according to given instructions. If you want to show all photos from this event, leave the field empty. There are 9247 photos for this event.

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