Velká kunratická 2006

There was the year of Velka Kunraticka on the of November 2006 in wood of Kunratice. The weather was ordered and even sun was shining. The innovation for interested person. In co-operation with ChampionChip Česká republika and Atletickým klubem Spartak Praha 4 we prepared for you to print photo (size 13 x 18 and more) with your name, time and the logo of VK. If you are interested you can write it into your message.


Searching transaction according to numbers competitor and then according to these keywords: poradatele - officials, pad - fall, rozhovor - interview, nic - nothing (a competitor with illegible number or without number).

Fill the keyword (usually competitor number) in following form field according to given instructions. If you want to show all photos from this event, leave the field empty. There are 3021 photos for this event.

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