AUTHOR Král Šumavy MTB 2010

Photos from one of our biggest MTB races in CZ AUTHOR Král Šumavy MTBare ready for you to enjoy here. The Saturday´s race came out really good o). The weather was absolutely ideal for mountain biking and the choice of tracks 201 km, 70 km and 45 km was perhaps attractive for all competitors.The current result are to be viewed here, the moving pictures from the race are to be viewed on our webpage Sumananet and you are more than welcome to order from us a DVD from the whole race. The cameramen from the producing FILMpro company followed you almost everywhere.o) Photos from previous volumes: 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001


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The pictures from the race AUTHOR Král Šumavy MTB are traditionally sorted by starting nubmers of all competitors. Please type your starting number in the "Your query" box and you will be able to enjoy pictures of yourself in a second You shnoudn´t miss the pictures from the Start in the Klatovy square, following motorbikes and safety cars. Also, there was a water sprite with his family on the wade and they were sending concentrated heat to the coldblooded competitors. There was also a lot to look at when some of the competiotors performed a fall or like the boys from A Gang who performed a whole exhibition. Another groups of pictures are: Nature, Onlookers, Organizers and Finish. Those of you who took part without starting numbers or had an unreadable numbers also have pictures of themselves. There are also selected TOP PHOTOS and then ALL PHOTOS.

Fill the keyword in following form field according to given instructions. If you want to show all photos from this event, leave the field empty. There are 15878 photos for this event.

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