Author King of Sumava MTB 2008

Photos from traditional race Author King of Sumava are finally here. There was the 15th year as member of Author Marathon Tour 2008. The trace was without change that´s why many of competitors started for traces 101 and 73 km with much energy:o) How the trace and finsih looked you can see in photos and on the video as well. Photos from last years 2007, 2006, te2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001.


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Searching transaction according to numbers competitor and then according to these keywords: poradatele – officials, slecna – miss, start – start, příroda - nature, rogalo – Rogallo wing, cerna vez – black tower, had – snake, vodnik – nix, pad – fall, voda – water, zavodnik – competitor, letadlo – plane, Ondra, Lada, Karel, Dusan, vyhlaseni – promulgation, cil - finish, nic - nothing (competitor with illegible number or without number).

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